Tranquility is Beautiful


First Allegiance is a forward thinking and innovative firm. We have invested and continue to invest in unique technology solutions that empower us to consistently exceed expectations. Our custom enterprise-level, web-based, application (the First Allegiance AMI System) is highly adaptable and integrable. It provides enhanced capabilities for both our company and our clients that far surpass our competitors. It enables us to meet client needs head on and deliver reliable and dynamic communication, effective Quality Assurance Programs, Contractor Impact Training and Support, Custom Maintenance Programs, and Web Interfacing Solutions. With the custom “Single Step” integration feature, data such as property updates, bids, and photos, can be exchanged with our clients and/or agents in real time via our AMI platform or through 3rd party messaging systems such as Equator. This fluid exchange of data between systems provides efficient workflow processing of orders with or without vendor integration. AMI system is currently fully integrated with Equator and we have successfully fulfilled client specifications and timelines for thousands of orders processed through that integration feature.