Tranquility is Beautiful

Our Vision

First Allegiance is driven by its ability to anticipate potential challenges, and by its passion for leveraging our unique vision and expertise to consistently achieve and exceed our clients’ goals. Our strategy includes the development of a unique team synergy between all parties involved in the REO process and our goal remains simple: to streamline the process and prepare our clients’ properties for market in the shortest possible timeframe, and with the highest quality service at a reasonable cost. To achieve this goal, we retain talented, passionate, and knowledgeable team members and maintain low manager to team-member ratios which facilitates hands-on work-flow management as well as regular coaching and development for our staff. This structure is an underlying component that supports our company-wide comprehensive timeline management, quality management, and proactive escalation programs. “White glove” service combined with flexible/customizable packages to fulfill current needs, ultimately result in increased revenue for our clients.