Tranquility is Beautiful


The First Allegiance company culture is one of partnership. This culture of partnership has been through integrated within our organization, with our clients, and in particular with our contractors. We have cultivated an environment which demands the highest level of respect and appreciation for our contractor network, realizing that our success is largely the result of creating, maintaining, and managing these relationships. Our success in this area can be measured by our numerous accolades and our prized reputation across our contractor network. In turn, our contractors generally prioritize our work over those of our competitors, enabling us to consistently achieve excellence in client satisfaction by completing critical initial services in less than the time expected. In addition, First Allegiance fully embraces agent participation in the property preservation process and considers the agent to be our final inspector- helping to ensure both quality and timeliness. As such, First Allegiance facilitates regular and open communication with both clients and agents by providing a 24 hour hotline and distinct e-mail addresses for client and agent use.  With a philosophy revolving around a commitment for lasting partnerships and mutual success, First Allegiance represents a model of exceptional “Boutique Style” service, firm accountability, collaborative communication, and precise attention to detail.